Programming schedule

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Friday, October 9

10:00 AM    Fandom and Mental Health

Join members of the Order of Gallifrey as they discuss cosplay and fandom in general, how it has impacted each of them, and how cosplay helps with one’s mental health                                         


12:00 PM      The Best & Worst Ways to Time Travel – Time Travellers (UN)Limited

From the TARDIS to going around the sun on a planet, there are a lot of ways to time travel. We’re going to discuss the best and worst ways that we’ve been presented, be they fictional or proposed by science.


2:00 PM      Time Travellers UNLTD – Not the Doctor

So many shows – Warehouse 13, Fringe, Supernatural, Umbrella Academy, Lost, or Crime Traveller. We’re partial to The Doctor, but what about the other shows? How do they hold up and who are the real Contenders?


4:00 PM       Greg Magnuson Painting Tutorial

Join local artist Greg Magnuson as he walks you through a painting tutorial, and teaches you some of the techniques he uses to create his artwork


6:00 PM      Descartes and Amy’s Choice    

Aniruddh Bose-Raut returns to Who Con for the 4th year in a row. This year’s panel will focus on the 11th doctor episode, “Amy’s Choice” and how it is the perfect example of Cartesian Philosophy as well as the fundamental questions of importance to the self. Come join in for a real theological deep dive into this amazing show!


Saturday, October 10

8:00AM       Nerd Chat with Andrew Elkins and Marc Biagi

Join David Dawson from IntelleXual Entertainment, as he speaks to Andrew Elkins and Marc Biagi about a number of topics related to science fiction and fantasy!


10:00AM       Idiots Lantern Interview

Join David Dawson from IntelleXual Entertainment, as he speaks to members of Idiot’s Lantern (Bob Mitsch, Athena Stamos, Brad Hansen, Joshua Poole, and Lauren Bancroft) about all things Idiot’s Lantern!


1:00PM     Doctor Who/Dungeons and Dragons Mashup  Session

John Lias (SD Who Con Director of Programming) hosts a fun session of Doctor Who meets D&D. Andrew Elkins and Marc Biagi will reprise their roles as the Fourth Doctor and Master, David Dawson and Whitney Wegman-Wood (IntelleXual Entertainment) will appear as Galaxycon guests 1 and 2, and members of Idiot’s Lantern, Joshua Poole, Adam Joseph Ferry and Valerie Perez), will play various characters throughout the adventure. So, sit back and enjoy a wild ride! 

3:00PM         Special shout out

2019 Who Con guest, Jon Davey, does a special shout out to Who Con V(irtual)


4:00PM      Fixing that Chameleon Circuit – Cosplay   Makeup 101

The TARDIS and the Doctor can change their faces, and now you can too! Join self-taught makeup artist Darlington Kilbride, IV for an introductory course in DIY makeup artistry from cosmetic makeup and special FX paint application to building your kit without breaking the bank through the exploration of some of the Doctor’s most famous companions and adversaries.


6:00PM      Interview with Content Creator CovertGoBlue

An interview with CGB, creator of the YouTube Online Content sites CovertGoBlue and CGB Gaming, by SD Who Con Director of Programming, John Lias. Join us we talk about CGB’s interest in Magic the Gathering, how he got into online content creation, his favorite Scifi/Fantasy/Horror movies and shows and finally, his interest in and thoughts about classic and modern Doctor Who.


8:00PM      From Daleks to Droids – Prop building and  Projects: A Makers Panel

Join expert prop builders as they walk you through their adventures in building props, large builds, and other projects from their favorite show!

Sunday, October 11

8:00AM       IntelleXual Entertainment Interview with Chase Masterson and Raymond   Litster

Chase Masterson (Star Trek DS9 / Big Finish: Vienna) and Raymond Litster of Pop Culture Hero Coalition discuss the importance of pop culture storytelling as a vehicle for affecting change and in battling bullying in schools.


10:00AM      Interview with Big Finish

Join David Dawson from IntelleXual Entertainment, Big Finish Chairman Jason Haigh-Ellery, actress Lisa Greenwood, and John Lias, SD Who Con Director of Programming, as we hear about Big Finish and some great stories involving Jason, Lisa, the Doctor and his companions!


12:00PM        Science and Doctor Who

Jet Propulsion Scientists and Engineers are Geeks Too: Join David Dawson from IntelleXual Entertainment, Dr. Sarah Milkovich, Kim Steadman and Trina Ray from the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, and John Lias, SD Who Con Director of Programming, as we hear about exciting exploration missions to Mars and the outer solar system, as well as other cool science stuff.


2:00 PM      The Idiots Lantern 2nd Annual SD Who Con      (Virtual) Show

If you’re feeling bored stuck at home, then break up the monotony by watching The Idiots Lantern 2nd Annual SD Who Con (Virtual) Show. Enjoy an hour of Doctor Who themed sketch comedy virtual style which covers our beloved Time Lord from a variety of comedic styles and scenarios.


4:00 PM          Online Content Creation – Dr Who Fan films and other fan related       creations

Join David Dawson from IntelleXual Entertainment, Anna Livingston, Raymond Montemayor and Den Valdron, as they talk about their work and other artistic endeavors each is involved with.


6:00 PM           Cosplay for Fandom

IntelleXual Entertainment hosted Cosplay Panel: Join David Dawson and Whitney Elaine Wegman-Wood from IntelleXual Entertainment, as they speak to Brendan McNeil, Amber Grayson and Shane Holly about a number of their cosplay experiences and numerous other topics.