Robert Adauto

Robert Adauto III is the award-winning author of the Coyle and Fang series of books

Marie Andreas


Author of 18 science fiction, fantasy, and steampunk novels

Drake & McTrowell

Authors of 5 books in the Steampunk genre

Esteban Q Mathieus

Author of Sticks and Stones, and the upcoming novel Breaking Bones

Michelle Lowe’s Bookshop

Author of a six-part fantasy/steampunk book series and a connecting four-part steampunk series, Michelle has also published books in science fiction/mystery, science fiction/thriller, and historical nonfiction genresĀ 

Joshua Pruett

TV Writer-Author-Storyboard Artist

El Kartun

Artist: live art, commissions and caricatures, original art prints featuring licensed work and Dr. Who-related fan art

Sue Dawe

Author and illustrator. Sue will also be the instructor for Cookies and Crayons at Who Con!