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SD Who Con 

October 19-21, 2018




Thank you all for a great year! Info on Who Con 2019 coming soon!


What’s new? October, 2018

Let’s get hip Whovians! SD Who Con is hosting their annual convention October 19-21, 2018 at the Handlery Hotel. This year’s theme is 1950’s Rock & Roll inspired “Doc Around the Clock.” The Executive Committee is delighted to provide you with the following updates to the convention:


We are proud to say that we finalized the schedule in late September/early October and it is now available for viewing on the website. Please go to Programming and see what panels, activities, fan films and Big Finish audio dramas we will presenting during the convention!


We are happy to announce that the lineup of fan films has been set and we will have quite a collection to show. Both old and new films will be shown and the different Doctor’s and Doctor Who characters will be presented. In addition, many modern films will have a funny twist and we are delighted to have three fan film artists (Travis Richey, Michelle Osorio and Sylvia Lupien) join us for the convention.


The films to be shown include: Whoniverse Films, Inspector Spacetime, Do You Have a License to Save This Planet?, Doctor Puppet, Anime Doctor Who, Spectre of the Past, Wrath of Eukor, Vision of Utomu, How to Stop a Timelord, The Forgotten Doctor, Fire and Ice, The Three Masters, Flight of the Daleks, Dalek Gary, Regenesis, Ghost Pirates, The Adventures of Derek the Dalek and Matt, Death Takes a Holiday, Two Doctors & Anti-Matter Menace, The Dalek that Time Forgot and Hitchhikers Guide to the Daleks. In addition, we are proud to present two independent films from the Doctor Universe with the permission of Rifftrax (Dr. Who & The Daleks) and Reeltime Productions (Deamos Rising). Get ready to watch to entertaining films from passionate Doctor Who fans from the past 40 years!


As promised before, we are proud to have secured panels from local scientists and students from nearby colleges and universities. We are happy to have panels that talk about the science of Doctor Who, how real-life science missions correlate to Doctor Who and what truly is possible from our perspective. Science panels will occur on Friday from 1-5 pm and on Saturday from 10 am to 4 pm.


In addition, members from the Fleet Science Center will have a booth at our convention on Saturday and we are proud to have the young ladies from BEWISE (Better Education for Women in Science & Engineering) give attendees information about this amazing program from the Fleet Science Center. We will also have an Adipose Industries: Exposed! Activity Table, so join The Doctor, Donna and the experts from Body Comp, Inc. as they investigate the sinister happenings at Adipose Industries and learn the truth about fat & weight loss and, if you dare, take the pill to find out how many adipose are in your body. It’s all very sciency!


So please join us for some actual science but with a Doctor Who twist, and prepare to learn how some of this “Timey-Wimey” stuff really works!



Rosanne Welch, Ph.D. has written for television (Touched by an Angel, Picket Fences) and print (Three Ring Circus: How Real Couples Balance Marriage, Work, and Kids and The Encyclopedia of Women in Aviation and Space). In the documentary world she has written and produced Bill Clinton and the Boys Nation Class of 1963 for ABC NEWS/Nightline and consulted on PBS’s A Prince Among Slaves, the story of a prince from West Africa who was enslaved in the 1780s, freed by order of President John Quincy Adams in the 1820s and returned to his homeland.


Dr. Welch also teaches the History of Screenwriting and One-Hour Drama for the Stephens College MFA in Screenwriting. Writing/producing credits include Beverly Hills 90210, Picket Fences, ABCNEWS: Nightline and Touched by an Angel. In 2016 she published the book Why The Monkees Matter: Teenagers, Television and American Pop; co-edited Women in American History: A Social, Political, and Cultural Encyclopedia; and placed “Transmitting Culture Transnationally Via the Characterization of Parents in Police Procedurals” in the New Review of Film and Television Studies. Essays appear in Torchwood Declassified: Investigating Mainstream Cult Television and Doctor Who and Race: An Anthology. Welch serves as Book Reviews editor for Journal of Screenwriting and on the Editorial Advisory Board for Written By magazine, the magazine of the Writers Guild. (http://welchwrite.com/rwelch/about/)


Andrew is a Doctor Who & Sci-Fi Fan known for his 4th Doctor cosplay via Geek ReGeneration. Cosplays include the Brigadier, the 3rd Doctor, The Master, Doctor Who/Disney mashup up: Mad4Hatter, Tony Stark, Doctor Strange, Dumbledore & more. He has 25+ years’ experience with fan clubs, LARPing and ren festivals. In the past decade, he’s produced or consulted on events including the Renaissance Pleasure Faire, Northern California Renaissance Faire, Nottingham Festival, Tumbleweed Township & more. He’s also spent 25+ years in the TV/Film industry doing development & now has a management company for costumed performers. He’s working on some “super secrets” events to thrill the masses, appeared as a guest & panelist at Southern California conventions and runs scavenger hunts at Disneyland & Universal Studios Hollywood. The past few years, he’s performed in the Idiot’s Lantern sketch comedy show. To learn more, visit: http://www.geekregneration.com.


Surge of Power Enterprises is an independent production company based in Southern California creating superhero media with a humorous flair containing lots of celebrity cameos, and produce low-budget SAG productions. Join star Vince Roth as he showcases some his latest work (a special Surge of Power fan film-style “Doctor Who Tribute” episode) and talks about the latest installment in the Surge of Power series (http://www.surgeofpower.org/)!



A personal note from the WebMaster:

San Diego Who Con is coming up Next Weekend!!

Let me tell you a little about why I love it. You will always hear “A convention for the fans, by the fans”, but what does that mean? It means that even though the moneys collected go toward reserving the rooms at the hotel for the convention and for the special guests that we want you to meet, the board members get paid $0, membership gets paid $0, advertising workers get paid $0, socials production gets paid $0. Not a single person who you see working at the convention gets paid. They do it for the love of the convention and for their fellow fans. Wait.. I guess they do get something out of it: An awesome time with friends and being able to meet new friends.

So, if you want to celebrate Doctor Who and want to spend time with other Whovians who are doing the same, please come to San Diego Who Con!



A word from Doc Phineas

What’s new? Early September, 2018

Let’s get hip Whovians! SD Who Con is hosting their annual convention October 19-21, 2018 at the Handlery Hotel. This year’s theme is 1950’s Rock & Roll inspired “Doc Around the Clock.” The Executive Committee is delighted to provide you with the following updates to the convention:


As mentioned in previous updates, SD Who Con has received permission from Big Finish and the BBC to air portions of Big Finish audio dramas at the convention. Not satisfied with just airing these audio dramas, SD Who Con, in conjunction with IntelleXual Entertainment Group, we will be presenting a live Reader’s Theater of the Big Finish audio drama, The Spectre of Lanyon Moor, on Friday night of the convention!

If you are unfamiliar with a Reader’s Theater production, live actors will play the parts of the characters in the story. The Spectre of Lanyon Moor is a Sixth Doctor story, and also stars Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart and a number other well-known Sixth Doctor companions from other audio dramas. This story also has a spooky-Halloween theme which will be perfect for the time of year. So please join us for this wonderful one-time event!


SD Who Con is proud to announce that members of the Fleet Science Center will be joining our activities during the convention! They will participate in panels, children’s activities and other aspects of the convention. As we finish coordinating their participation, we will announce additional activities they will be a part of in future Who Con updates.


SD Who Con reached out to numerous educational institutions throughout the region during the past few months, and we are happy to announce that several professors and students from local colleges and universities will be presenting panels at this year’s convention! We’ve designated Friday as our “Science Fair Day” and a number of science panels that relate back to Doctor Who will be occurring that day. So please join us for actual science but with a Doctor Who twist, and prepare to learn how some of this “Timey-Wimey” stuff really works!


For the youngest attendees, the programming staff is putting together a track of children’s activities during the three days of the convention. Activities will all be located in the Club Room and include: 1) table games, 2) cosplay theater games, 3) arts & crafts, 4) story-time events, 5) puppet making, 6) kid-focused panels, 7) kid-friendly fan films, 8) cookie and snack making events, 9) a cosplay contest and 10) games for the whole family. So please bring them so they can enjoy a day, or two, or three of fun activities!


At the start of August, SD Who Con completed its panel submission and review process. A few more panels have trickled in since then, but we are proud to announce that over 35 panels have been approved. They have been tentatively scheduled over the three days of the convention and more may be added as we get closer to October. Keep checking the website as we get closer to mid-to late September when the first tentative schedule is planned on being released.



IntelleXual Entertainment Group creates film, TV and internet-based media for all. Led by their fearless leader and host of the The IntelleXual Network, David S. Dawson, this group of amazing individuals (Theresa Dawson Davis, Whitney Elaine Wegman, Mark Atkinson, Steven Schwartz, Carla Van Wagoner, Bryan Keith Davis and Laura Marie Davis) will be bringing their unique talents to this year’s convention. Be sure to catch their podcasts during the convention, and soon-to-be epic Reader’s Theater performance of a Big Finish audio drama. For more information regarding IntelleXual Entertainment Group, please visit their website at www.theintellexual.com.


Ben Paddon is a British-born writer, actor and geek humorist currently living in Los Angeles. He was born the same day Chernobyl exploded, although he maintains he has an airtight alibi. He’s the creator, Director, co-Writer and Host of PortsCenter, a webseries which looks at unique and interesting ports of video games, and cohosts the movie review podcast The Life Toyetic with Ben and Molly. Ben will be doing panels at the convention and will be involved in other activities as well. Welcome back, Ben!


Time Travelers (UN)Limited is a group of cosplayers and friends who want to do more than just show up at an event and have their pictures taken. They want to promote the things we love, and share that love with people who may or may not know about the characters they perform. Some of them are entrepreneurs working to expand what they do. Some are actors and writers who want to share what they perform and create. All of them live for making people laugh and cry and smile. Welcome them to this year’s convention and if you want to learn more about THE BBC (BLUE BOX CELEBRATIONS), they can be reached by calling (810) 293-7707.



What’s new? August, 2018

Hotel & Membership Package

Available now for a limited time, SD Who Con is offering a special Hotel & Membership package for just $295! The package includes 1 Full Weekend Membership (includes all weekend activities and non-ticketed events) plus 2 nights hotel stay*. You’ll save $46.25 when you combine your weekend membership and hotel reservation in one. With this package, you can also purchase up to 2 additional memberships for just $45 each, a savings of $15 per membership!

*Standard room: 2 Double beds, Flat screen TV, Ergonomic desk chair with desk, Mini refrigerator, Complimentary Wi-Fi, In-room safe, Hair dryer, Iron & Ironing board, and Overnight parking with in/out privileges. All taxes and fees are included.

Click here to purchase your package now!


Bowling with the Doctor              

Come on down and bowl with the Doctor! In preparation for our upcoming SD Who Con, we present Bowling with the Doctor.  Dust off your bowling shoes and bowling balls. Dress in cosplay as your favorite Doctor, companion, TARDIS, etc., dressed in 50s style theme to go along with our upcoming SD Who Con, or come as you are. It will be at Kearny Mesa Bowl, 7585 Clairemont Mesa Blvd, 92111 on Saturday, August 25th from 6pm to 9pm. Cost: $15. Includes 2 lines of bowling, ball, and shoe rentals, and a donation to the official SD Who Con charity, The Pegasus Rising Project. We have a limited number of lanes reserved so don’t miss out! Kids are welcome with adult supervision.



We cannot explain how the following  messages came into our possession, but we feel it is best for you to see them as well:





What’s new? SPECIAL REPORT – Comic-Con

If you are lucky enough to be able to go to Comic-Con this year, why not aim your TARDIS to this panel!
Chances are, you might recognize a face or two.

What’s new?  July, 2018

Let’s get hip Whovians! SD Who Con is hosting their annual convention October 19-21, 2018 at the Handlery Hotel. This year’s theme is 1950’s Rock & Roll inspired “Doc Around the Clock.” The Executive Committee is delighted provide you with the following updates to the convention:


SD Who Con has received permission from Big Finish and the BBC to air portions of Big Finish audio dramas at the convention. You heard right! Actual Doctor Who and Doctor Who-related audio dramas are coming to SD Who Con!

Audio dramas will air in the California Room and the first 30 minutes of each episode will be provided to attendees. Audio dramas begin the Friday morning of the convention and will run until we close up shop late Sunday afternoon.


Another first for the convention is the screening of Doctor Who Fan Films. We will be setting aside time to show classic and some modern fan films that fans just like you have created over the past 50 years. Fan films will occur throughout the convention and will also be offered as alternative programming for late night attendees.

We are honored to have the opportunity to show these films to our attendees and look forward to also having a few panels that discuss the state of the Doctor Who fan film community and how you could get involved.



What kind of Doctor Who convention would we be if we didn’t have one these baddies in attendance? Steve Roberts from Tucson, Arizona, will be bringing his fully functional Bronze Dalek to our convention and it will be roaming the halls to ensure discipline and order are enforced. For a preview of things to come see his Dalek in action in A Fist Full of Daleks at the following YouTube site:



SD Who Con is thrilled to welcome back members of the Order of Gallifrey! OoG began as a small group of less than 20 people in the Fall of 2013, mainly in Southern California. Since then, they have grown with “Sectors” in the United Kingdom, Pennsylvania, Texas, the Pacific Northwest, and the Northeastern and Southwestern U.S. states.

Members of OoG will be involved in panels and other social activities at SD Who Con. Please help us make them feel welcomed and be ready to strike a pose with your favorite Doctor and/or Doctor Who character!

Who Con News May, 2018

Who Con staff members have attended several conventions recently to greet Doctor Who fans, hand out ribbons, and spread the word about our convention! And we will be attending more upcoming conventions and events! Stop by the Who Con table, say hello, and pick up a badge ribbon!

Guests just announced

Inspector Spacetime (Travis Richey)

Travis Richey is an actor/writer living in Hollywood, CA. He has appeared on TV in “Sons of Tucson”, “The Event”, “Pretty Little Liars”, and on “Community” as Inspector Spacetime, a role that launched him into the spotlight of “Doctor Who” fans. Travis had previously achieved international acclaim as the creator of several web series, and an award-winning series of “Mac vs PC” spoofs. His videos have been seen on CNN, Comedy Central’s website, The Huffington Post, The UK Telegraph, and dozens of other notable blogs and websites. Travis also performs regularly at ACME Comedy Hollywood.

The Adventure Effect

We are pleased to announce that The Adventure Effect are returning to Who Con! These exceptional cosplayers are well known for their interpretations of the Eleventh Doctor and River Song among others. Welcome back, Neil and Sara!


River Alexandra Song

We’re delighted to announce that River Alexandra Song, cosplayer extraordinaire, will be returning to Who Con! River earned her degree in theatre from Northern Michigan University, where she performed in several shows and did tech for many more. She’s sung opera, established a dinner theatre company, helped found EZTV, worked with the Mark Taper Forum Lab, and the LA Free Shakespeare Festival. She is thrilled to be returning to SD WHO CON!



The House of Scotland Pipe Band

The House of Scotland Pipe Band is the official band of the International Cottages in Balboa Park. The band, founded in 1964, is affiliated with the House of Scotland cottage.  The band performs throughout the Western United States, taking part in competitions, parades, festivals, and other celebrations. Recently, the band traveled to Canada where they won 1st place at the 2017 Montreal Highland Games. We are thrilled to have them back for a third year!






Weekend Badges Available Now!

Full weekend badges are just ​$60 in advance ($75 at the door). Kids 12 and under are free with a paid adult.
The weekend badge includes admittance to the Dealers Room, Exhibit Room and all non-ticketed events including the Friday Ice Cream Social and the Saturday Night Dance Party. Click here to purchase tickets!

Don’t miss the fabulous Coronation Tea Party on Sunday, October 21! This delightful afternoon tea will feature food, entertainment, and prizes! Seating is limited so get your tickets now! Click here to purchase tickets!





Why stay at the hotel?

Our venue is the beautiful Handlery Hotel in the heart of Mission Valley!


Convenience, comfort, and fun!

When you stay at the hotel, you’ll be able to enjoy each and every moment of the convention! And with a group rate of just $125 per night it’s very affordable (includes free parking with in/out privileges).

Whether you are coming from out of town. or you’re a local, there are lots of reasons to stay at our hotel:

  • You won’t miss those early panels because you’re stuck in traffic
  • Planning some costume changes? You have your own changing room!
  • Found a treasure in the Dealer’s Room and you don’t want to lug it around all day? Drop it off in your hotel room!
  • Need a nap in the middle of the day? A dip in the pool? A soak in the hot tub? It’s all right there for your comfort and convenience!
  • Enjoy all the evening social events, room parties, and late-night programming without the worry of the drive home. You can relax and enjoy yourself knowing your restful room is only steps away!

To make your reservations, click here.

Who Con News April, 2018

We are now accepting panel and fan film submissions, volunteer and vendor applications. For more information go to: www.sdwhocon.com. For updates, upcoming event announcements and more, follow us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SDWhoCon/, Twitter: @sdwhocon, or Instagram: @whoconsandiego


2018 has been very busy year so far for the Who Con team! We’ve been meeting and talking with lots of Doctor Who fans and handing out badge ribbons at local conventions such as Gaslight Gathering, ConDor, and WonderCon!

Tickets to our Coronation Tea Party on Sunday, October 21 are now available! Seating for this very popular event is limited. Don’t miss out! Click here to get your tickets now!


Guest announcements!


Doc Phineas Doc is a veteran of stage, TV and Film as well as a dancer, singer, model and author. He has a Ph.D. In Archaeology and is a leading authority on antiquities. He has been featured on Pawn Stars, Treasure Quest, and Antiques Roadshow. Doc is also a serious Doctor Who fan and trivia master. We are excited that Doc will be bringing his special brand of flair to Who Con for a second year!





Marc Biagi Marc is a character and voice actor, well known for numerous video games and animated projects including voicing numerous main characters in Star Trek Online alongside celebrity voices from the various series. He’s been a Doctor Who fan since the old days. Keep your eye out for Marc as an important character in the upcoming science fiction drama feature film, Origin: Beyond the Impact. We are very pleased to announce that Marc will be our Master of Ceremonies for Who Con 2018!






Guys and Gals, and Doctor Who Pals!

Join us at The Handlery Hotel for “Doc Around The Clock”, October 19-21, 2018! You’ll have a rockin’ good time!

“Doc Around the Clock” is a tribute to 50’s Rock n Roll! Break out your poodle skirts, leather jackets, pony tails and pompadours!

We are San Diego’s only Doctor Who convention! Who Con 2018 will be a fantastic weekend filled with workshops, Q&A’s, special guests, discussions, demos, activities and events for the whole family! Cosplay contests, photo ops, merchandise, exhibits, and displays to thrill the Whovian heart! In the evenings, music and merriment are the first order of business at our Friday and Saturday socials! And don’t miss our  very special Coronation Tea on Sunday afternoon!


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