Who Con 2018

 Guys and Gals, and Doctor Who Pals!

Join us at The Handlery Hotel for “Doc Around The Clock”, October 19-21, 2018! You’ll have a rockin’ good time!

“Doc Around the Clock” is a tribute to 50’s Rock n Roll! Break out your poodle skirts, leather jackets, pony tails and pompadours!

We are San Diego’s only Doctor Who convention! Who Con 2018 will be a fantastic weekend filled with workshops, Q&A’s, special guests, discussions, demos, activities and events for the whole family! Cosplay contests, photo ops, merchandise, exhibits, and displays to thrill the Whovian heart! In the evenings, music and merriment are the first order of business at our Friday and Saturday socials! And don’t miss our  very special Coronation Tea on Sunday afternoon!


Your ideas and opinions matter. Do you have an idea for a panel or demonstration? We are now accepting panel submissions for Who Con 2018! Click here for more information.

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We are now accepting volunteer applications! Click here for more information.


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